SDR# TETRA Plugin Now Available At RTL-SDR.RU

Vasilli has recently released the SDR# TETRA plugin on his website RTL-SDR.RU (note that the site is in Russian, but can be translated with the Google Translate option in the top right of the page). Previously it was only available via ever changing forum links, so it's good to see that it has a permanent home now for the latest version. This plugin allows you to listen to TETRA digital voice via SDR#, without needing to set up any complicated GNU Radio based receivers which were necessary in the past.

The features include (note Translated from Russian):

  • Receiving a signal from the BS band 25kHz and modulation Pi / 4-DQPSK;
  • Automatic adjustment of the reception frequency;
  • Displays information about the BS;
  • Displays ISSI, GSSI subscribers in the channels (for open channels only);
  • Displays a service exchange network (for open channels only);
  • It allows you to listen to the channels in manual or automatic mode selection (only open channels);
  • It allows to filter and distribute the listening priority specified for groups (GSSI);
  • It displays a message with the location (just a short message format)

The current features not yet implemented are:

  • And listen to correctly display any encoded information in a network;
  • Display SDS type 4 (short messages);
  • Record audio from the channels (menu added, but does not work);

We also note that as discussed in a previous post there is a companion program for this plugin called TETRA Trunk Tracker.

SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin
SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin


  1. Sadboi

    Hello. The plugin and installation works without any issues. However, the audio is muted when the plugin is turned on and no sound is heard anywhere. Also the “MNC” value stays at 0.00 Hz. When I turn on the plugin and change the frequency in SDR# to one where Tetra is, the plugin says ‘recieved’ in red letters, but nothing can be heard. Please help.

  2. Lucas Araújo

    Mine is giving this error:
    Error loading ‘SDRSharp.Tetra.TetraPlugin,SDRSharp.Tetra’ – Could not load file or assembly ‘SDRSharp.Tetra’ or one of its dependencies. This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be loaded.

  3. max

    Another problem, for my last friends with W7 Home edition 64 Bit, 4 Gb. ram, Visual c++ 2010/2012/2013 installated, Crash log same before update Visual c++ in other pc’s. Bye

  4. max

    I’ve installated Visual c++ 2010/2012/2013 and now work on W7 Home 32 bit + 2 gb. ram
    I will also try on others

    Bye and Tnx

  5. Max

    My Pc W7 Professional 64 Bit + 12 gb. ram it’s OK
    One Pc W7 Home 32 Bit + 4 gb. ram Crash
    One Pc W7 Professional 64 Bit + 8 gb. ram Crash
    One Pc W10 64 Bit Crash
    One Pc W7 Crash

  6. Schumann-Resonance

    Had the same problem on a Win7 64bit machine, solved it by installing all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables the way up from 2010 ,installing just the x86 versions is sufficient enough, to run the new plugin without crashing.
    Direct download link-list to all the Visual C++ Redist. versions
    (if someone likes to go more methodic and tell us wich x86 version it actually depends on would be nice2know I guess 😉
    cheers & have a nice weekend

  7. Max

    I’ve copy dll on SdrSharp directory, add magic line and in my pc it’s all ok, in three other pc (of my friends) don’t work, this is crash log :

    Impossibile caricare la DLL ‘libtetradec’: Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato. (Eccezione da HRESULT: 0x8007007E).

    at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.NativeMethods.tetra_decode_init (IL offset: 0xffffffff)
    at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.TetraPanel.DecodingThread (IL offset: 0x7)
    at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (IL offset: 0x14)
    at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (IL offset: 0x79)
    at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x0)
    at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x2b)
    at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart (IL offset: 0x8)

  8. virender

    Hi admin,

    This plugin not work on my 64bit window machine. Plugin added as described in readme file but sdr#1700 version crashes after some time not show any data and voice. However I am new to tetra decoding but no success.

    • Timmy

      Did you download the latest version of sdrsharp and extract the files in to an empty directory. And then read and followed the instructions in the README.txt file included in the plugin (copy 2 files to the sdr# folder and add one line of text into the specified config file. I did that and it works for me.

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