SDR# Update: SpyServer Network Browser now Available

The programmers of SDR# have just released a new version which now includes a SpyServer directory browser. SpyServer is an Airspy and RTL-SDR compatible SDR streaming server for SDR#. It allows you to access your SDR remotely over the internet or a network connection by using efficient data compression techniques. 

The new browser allows you to browse for active and publicly shared SDRs that are running SpyServer. To launch the browser in the latest SDR#, choose "SpyServer Network" in the Source drop down menu, and click on the "..." button. At the moment there are only a few servers listed, and not all work. But we expect more to show up and work as people update their SpyServer software.

For SpyServer users, the latest server version will automatically list your server in the directory, but it can be turned off in the config file.

SpyServer Network Browser
SpyServer Network Browser
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The best thing of all is that it does RDS decoding over Network, something that I realy missed with SDR Console


Thanks for the info. It would be nice to be able to connect to the spyservers in a web browser and to have a simple Android client.


I dont se any radios at all, my screen is blank..