SDR4Everyone: Getting Started with the RTL-SDR and SDRUno

Over on his sdr4everyone blog author Akos has uploaded a tutorial that shows how to set up the recently released SDRUno with the RTL-SDR. SDRuno is a spin-off of the (recently acquired by SDRplay) Studio1 software. Although designed and tailored for the SDRplay, SDRuno also supports any radio with an ExtIO interface available, such as the RTL-SDR. The one limitation is that the maximum bandwidth of radios other than the SDRplay is locked to 1 MHz at most.

Akos’ post shows where to download and add the required ExtIO file (it’s the same one used for HDSDR) and how to start the RTL-SDR in SDRuno, as well as a quick tutorial on changing some settings and tuning.

We note that the fact that you need to install the ExtIO dll file to the documents folder seems to be a bug in the latest version at the moment. In future updates they may fix this, and then the ExtIO dll will go back to needing to be added to the C:\Program Files (x86)\SDRplay\SDRuno folder, as it was in previous versions. We’ve also heard one or two reports of users stating that they needed to add in the libusb-1.0.dll file as well, but we can’t confirm if this is actually required as none of our test PC’s have needed it.

Also, a recent post on Nobu’s blog shows how to get rid of the center DC spike in SDRuno by adjusting the Channel Skew Calibration. The post is in Japanese, but the gist of it is that you just need to adjust the fine tuning DC offset slider in the Channel Skew Calibration settings. Nobu also points out that a handy shortcut to getting the ExtIO window to display is to simply press the ‘H’ key.

Setting up the RTL-SDR for use in SDRuno.
Setting up the RTL-SDR for use in SDRuno.


  1. Kerteszradio

    It is good article but the nowadays version of SDRuno, inside of select input menu, MISSING A GENERIC 2832 MENU, that means in a hungary says : baszhatjuk.

  2. ultravista

    I would like to enable HF Direct Sampling with SDRUno using the RTL-SDR v3 dongle.

    It uses the ExtIO_RTL2832.dll for settings but HF Direct Sampling is disabled. No options for q-branch are present. I tried several different ExtIO_RTL2832.dll files with the same results.

  3. Rick

    Missing something ? i cannot find a way to get the RTL-SDR dangle to work, there seems no EXTIO dll included for the RTL-SDR

    • Don

      The instructions are very clear on that matter. They tell you to put the EXTIO file in the documents folder. They tell you that you can use the same one that is used with HDSDR or you can download another from the SDRPLAY site. Just because HDSDR uses it in the program files, I copied it there as well. Don’t know if that was necessary, but can’t hurt and mine’s “working well.”

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