SDRSharp Guide by IZ1MLL Updated

Thank you to Paolo Romani IZ1MLL for letting us know that he has updated his popular SDRSharp users guide that we posted about previously last December. The guide is available on the Airspy downloads page. SDR# (aka SDRSharp) from is designed for Airspy SDRs, however it is one of the most popular SDR receiver programs that is used with RTL-SDRs as well. Paolo's guide covers all of the settings and features in SDR# as well as some third party plugins. Paolo writes:

In the last month I have completely rewritten the guide for other devices and for the latest radical changes to the software. From today, version 2.1 is available in Italian and English for all interested guys.

We note that the guide has also been translated in Spanish and Russian, although at the time of writing those translations are still only for the older guide. 

SDRSharp Guide
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What about the Ettus B200 and B210 radios? Does the SDR# (AirSpy) software work with these radios? If not why not? Would I need to have two Ettus radios to tune in to public safety digital?