SignalsEverywhere: A Front End GUI Control Head for OP25

Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel is back and this time showing off a new program she has created called "Pi25" or "OP25 Mobile Control Head". The program is a Python GUI for OP25 which runs on almost any platform including Android and Windows. OP25 is an advanced open source digital voice P25 Phase 2 capable decoder which can be used with an RTL-SDR and run on a Raspberry Pi.

Sarah's GUI software allows information from the OP25 software to be displayed on a nice large Android tablet screen, as well as having scanner forward/back buttons, and talkgroup skip and hold controls. This is very useful for in-car control on a mobile setup.

Sarah notes that she is also considering running a Kickstarter for a physical hardware OP25 head unit controller so please let her know in the YouTube video comments if you are interested.

P25 Police Scanner Control Head OP25 SDR Raspberry Pi or Android GUI Front-End

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Great work Sarah!

Thank you for taking time to share this with us fellow nerds!


Apparently the project was scrapped, no longer on Github


Last update on Github was something about the project was moving someplace else and would be released there when it was finished.


WOW ~ you really hit a nerve in a spot that has *needed* to be filled!!! This is the nextgen stuff *we* need instead of paying some company a 1000% markup on a device like the SDS series scammers…er scanners – good job!!!!