SignalsEverywhere: Measuring Filters with RTL-SDR, a Noise Source and Spektrum

In her latest video Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel describes how it is possible to use an RTL-SDR to measure RF filters when combined with a noise source and the Spektrum SDR software. In the video Sarah comprehensively explains how to set all the various parameters in Spektrum, before demonstrating a filter measurement with a noise source. Sarah explains how the power measurements may not be entirely accurate, however it is enough to get some idea about the shape of a filter.

Measuring Filters With RTL-SDR and Noise Source. Spektrum SDR Spectrum Analyzer

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Using a broadband noise source for measuring anything but passive networks is asking for trouble due to possible DUT overload and unwanted products that are often impossible to see. Using a broadband noise source with active circuits while being able to trust the results requires careful a-priori analysis of the cascade gain, dynamic range, and noise budgets.