Software Defined Radio Academy 2023 Conference Talks

Videos of talks from the Software Defined Radio Academy 2023 (SDRA23) conference have recently been uploaded to YouTube. SDRA23 was held during the HAMRadio World Fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany during June 2023.

The talks appear to be slowly releasing on YouTube and currently about eight talks have been released with more to follow. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel to be notified when more talks are released.

Some currently released talks of interest include:

  • Andreas Spiess, HB9BLA: SDR-A Keynote. SDR: What is next ?
  • Laurence Barker, G8NJJ: Completion of the Saturn SDR
  • G3ZIL & G4HZX: Propagation path analysis on HF, using SDR and FST4W
  • Rob Robinett, AI6VN: Creating a LCHP FST4W/WSPR beacon using RFzero or QPR Labs QDX
  • Gerhard Häring, DK6RH: Selfmade Portable HF-TRX with Hermeslite2 and Rasp Pi
SDRA'23 - 01 - Welcome & Introduction

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