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  1. amy_holem

    I want an admin to contact me about my purchase. You guys have no tracking order information or customer service to call. I purchased an item from your store and I do not have anything other than my money taken from me and the receipt. but yet tracking information is invalid plus all the emails go into spam seriously wtf is all that about. you guys know how to swwindle people out of their products very well i want my money back asap

    • admin

      Amy, please check your emails on your Yahoo email account, we already replied to your email yesterday (replied 1 hour after it was sent), and emails with tracking info were sent within 1-2 days after your purchase.

      Your parcel is currently with USPS and everything appears to be normal. Estimated delivery is showing at Thursday 5 September It is currently on track for a 2 week delivery time frame.

      I’m not sure what you mean by the parcel travelling all over Europe? That is not our parcel. The parcel went from China to US customs within 7 days, and now USPS is transiting the parcel within the USA.

  2. amy holem

    dont purchase from this company this is the worst ran company that i ever purchased something from. obviously they stole my money and refuse to investigate or respond to emails. they even wont allow me to post comments on their site. the tracking number is wrong. and I have the receipt to prove along with my credit card purchase. I want my money back.

  3. amy holem

    Do Not buy directly from this company at all. I have tried to reach out to them via email which is a .com email address there is no contact information for customer service. I’ve tried 4 times to reach out to them to find out where my product is no responses. the unique tracking code they provided stated there is no order and I have the bank statement and the receipt to prove it. they also can look up orders via credit card information and have refused or flat out ignored my emails for a response. and refuse to call me with any information on my purchase. save yourself the hassle and time and purchase elsewhere but not through them. im getting swindled.

  4. amy holem

    Don’t purchase from this company. I’m getting screwed over by them. They have no call center for costumer service, their emails go straight to spam, no one ever contacts you back about the products one has bought.
    I want my money back. The shipment when I purchased went all over europe and never even came here to the states and bam just like that my order and information had all disappeared not ever the tracking number works their unique number isn’t even correct. and they cant find my order. well maybe if you called me like I asked I can give you the credit card information that i purchased it on and have proof of sales. and you can look it up that way. save yourself time and hassle go somewhere else to purchase.

    • admin

      Amy, please see the above reply, your order is progressing absolutely normally through the international postal system. Please there is no need to spam the comments. We did reply in 1 hour to yesterdays email that you sent. Normally we will always reply to ordering questions within 1 working day, 2 working days worst case.

      Your comments are indeed showing up normally on the blog.

    • amy holem

      dont buy from this company they are stealing peoples money mine included no customer service center no real tracking number provided they just stole my money and now their server isnt working properly. I keep getting a 404 notice. go somewhere else.

  5. Virender

    Hi admin,

    As we all aware that there are lots of MSI based sdr are coming up on Chinese site with reduce price in which they are using same chip as in sdrplay but how they are getting those chips. It’s not possible to use these chips to improve rtl-sdr from 8 to 12bit sdr.

  6. Art Mester

    I placed an order on 25 May for an RTL-SDR. The order confirmation number is 31786. My credit card was charged for this purchase. I have yet to receive this order. When can I expect the dongle to be delivered? I will be calling my credit card to dispute the charges within one day if I do not hear from anyone. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Art, i’ve already replied to your email earlier today. Your order came with a different email address (@yahoo), and all order confirmation emails and tracking info was sent to those, please check that address. Royal Mail also shows confirmed successful delivery on 31 May, so i’d advise getting in touch with Royal Mail ASAP if you didn’t get it.

  7. Virender

    But I am seeing some subtel improvements on 10mhz to 13mhz in direct sampling mode while using RTL-sdr v3 with lna4all power with dongle bias-t.

    • admin

      You might be able to eek out a tiny improvement with an out of spec LNA. Adam used to sell the LNA4HF, which was intended for HF frequencies, but unfortunately he’s stopped selling them now. But if you go on eBay you can still find HF capable LNAs that go down to 1 MHz or less. But regardless an HF LNA is not really going to help a lot.

  8. Virender

    Hello Admin
    I have some questions regarding RTL-sdr v3 dongle with lna4all or other LNA. After using lna with dongle bias-t what kind improvement I can expect on hf, will lna4all or other LNA work with direct sampling mode?


    • admin

      An LNA like our wideband one or the LNA4ALL won’t work well on HF – they’re not designed for those frequencies. It will actually make HF reception worse. Typically there is no need for an LNA on HF.

      • Virender

        But I am seeing some subtel improvements on 10mhz to 13mhz in direct sampling mode while using RTL-sdr v3 with lna4all power with dongle bias-t.

  9. John

    Hello, quick question. I had smooth shortwave reception the last few days. I didn’t change the antenna or anything and now I have AM broadcast everywhere. I’ve checked the settings up and down and can’t figure out what changed to cause it. Any ideas to what I did?

    • admin

      Could they have boosted the AM TX power in your area recently? In some places they boost power during the day. If the power increased it could be overloading the SDR now.

  10. qrp

    I wrote custom ExtIO for RTLSDR. I named it ExtIO_RTLSDR#, because it is written in c#. It allows to use direct sampling mode in SDRUno, use custom sample rates, has logging and integrated DC remove filter (can be disabled). It works through standard rtlsdr.dll from osmocom. May be it will be interested for someone… 🙂

    Here is download link:

    Since it is written in c#, it requires .NET runtime 4.0 to be installed. Usually it is already present on modern windows systems, but may be missed for some reason, so in that case you can install it from this link:

    If you found some bug, or want some additional features, please let me know. 🙂

  11. Dan

    I saw a post that showed a photo and circuit diagram of a fairly recent V3 dongle with a jumper going from C3 to the 3.3v land in the expansion port area of the dongle. Someone from said that it reduced noise on HF and that subsequent dongles had the jumper etched on the board. I have a V3 batch 2 dongle and am wondering if that jumper is included on my board (wire or trace), and if not, would it make a significant improvement if I added this mod??? What would the S/N ratio increase be? Thanks, in advance!

  12. Thad

    I am using Vista Office….is that one of my problems?

    I make it to step #7 in the install, but I get an error message that says “zadig.exe is not a valid Win32 application”.

    What am I doing wrong?

  13. Robert L. Page

    I am having problems with running FLDIGI version4.0.18 with HDSDR that is controlling the RTL-SDR Dongle. Could someone here assist me with what is wrong. I just cannot get the FLDIGI to receive anything from the HDSDR.

  14. mihneaamuzantul

    Hello, i ordered 2 RTL SDRS with the Dipole Kit on 18.12.2018. Yesterday the tracking code said it was on air transport(26.12.2018), but today the history just dissapeared and i have information only from 18.12.2018.
    What should i do about it?

  15. ayhan

    i am amatur user of rtl sdr and know nothing about it’s codes in matlab enviroment .
    could you please say where can i find the functions that i need to work with rtl sdr to receive radio .

  16. Ankit Nayak

    Dear Admin,
    Can we modify the RTL SDR to record vibration signals from accelerometers? if yes then it may help technocrats in vibration signal processing and condition monitoring.

    • Timmy

      If you look at the modern MEMS accelerometers that can detect 1g to 150g of acceleration on digikey/mouser most only have a digital output for I²C or SPI it would be cheaper to interface them directly to a SBC.

  17. Virender

    Hi admin, I am seeing some difference in PCB layout of rtlsdr v3. Is there something changed in new v3 dongle because in my dongle the eeprom placed at bottom place of PCB but now in new dongle they are in middle. If yes, then why?

    • admin

      Yes there have been some small changes in newer batches. Basically we’ve found a way to eliminate a rare RTL2832U chip overcurrent fault with a new design that bypasses the problematic part of the silicon. Although that issue was rare, it’s still better to bypass the issue as we don’t know what the production quality of future Realtek RTL2832U batches is going to be like. The new design reduces the number of spikes seen in the direct sampling mode too.

  18. jeff

    i have the v3dongle from you .would i notice any difference with a upconverter.i get good reception on 20/ in the uk .from all over europe. thanks…

  19. Fernando fernández de Villegas (EB3EMD)

    In the SDRSharp installation procedure, in the page “Manual Installation of SDR# – Manual Installation of the RTL-SDR drivers with SDR# for the RTL-SDR” ( (i.e. for PC without Internet connection) it is indicated that the version of the ‘rtlsdr.dll’ driver that has been copied to the SDRSharp program folder must be 32 or 64 bits, depending on the operating system installed on the computer. It say: “Download the RTL-SDR Drivers, and extract the rtlsdr.dll file from the x32 folder (or x64 folder if you have a 64-bit OS) into the SDR# folder.”

    I think it is not correct, the rtlsdr.dll version is 32 bits (SDRSharp is a 32 bit software). My system uses 64-bit Windos 7 SP1, and SDRSharp could only recognize the RTL-SDR dongle when I replaced the 64-bit rtlsdr.dll driver with its 32-bit version.

    Please check this and correct that error in this document for the good of all.

  20. simplio

    Can you do a article on a way to make wine32 talk with the rtl-sdr on a debian based system? I want to bad to use unitrunker but wine doesn’t talk to hardware except a mouse keyboard and a game controller. I can’t figure out how to make librtlsdr drivers work in wine32

  21. Dr. Sidney B. Jackson M.D. FAAFP, Col. (Ret.)

    When will you be upgrading this to allow APPLE / MAC and iPad users to participate and benefit from you device ?
    You are losing a large part of the market and hampering we “Mac Users”.

    Thanks for your listening and rapid resolution of our problem

    • admin

      RTL-SDR software is developed by the community. Currently for Macs there are some very good options available such as GQRX and CubicSDR. iPads will probably never be supported and this is due to Apple’s limitations, but if you are willing to connect remotely over a network connection there are a few apps out now

  22. damian

    hi i have a sepura srp2000 and it is showing a “Enter reset pin” message when i have incorrectly entered the unlock pin. please can someone try to help me please.

    thank you

  23. Selman EREL

    to whom it may concern,

    First of all, thank you very much for your very fast shipping of my order#21342.It appeared 13 days after my payment. However, when I open the packet, I see that only one SDR device and related accessories are seen although I have ordered two of them. In my bank account, price of amount of two are cut and only one tracking number is given me( RG829301145CN ). In my opinion, while packaging, only one SDR device with accessories are put in rather than two, weight can be a clue, 0.265kg. Please, send me the other package.


    Muhammed Selman EREL

  24. Mattiolo IN3AQK

    Dear rtl sdr the order is arrived but unfortunately there is a missing telescopic antenna, one of the long one.
    In the kit I’ve 3 short antenna and one long. Instead of two short and two long. In this configuration the kit is not usable.
    Could I’ve the missing long antenna?

  25. Zach W

    I recently purchased the “RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with Dipole Antenna Kit” and it took 5 weeks to receive it. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for it but the antenna kit is not complete. It only came with one 1meter telescoping antenna, and one 13cm antenna. I also received a different base from the picture and then I also have the dongle. There are several pieces missing from my order. How can this get fixed in a timely manner?

  26. William

    Question on SDR# – and I apologize for the remedial ask…
    Does anyone know how to keep the dial locked on a frequency as I use the mouse to move the waterfall around to view other signals? I want to keep listening to the station I have selected while sniffing around for others.

  27. Mark M

    A friend has your receiver kit with the collapsible antennas and base. His kit does not have the dipole but rather a much longer collapsible whip that is threaded at the base so that screws ONTO the mount. I have a need for a long collapsible whip (over 1m) and would like to purchase that antenna or kit if you have them in stock.

    • admin

      Hi Mark, sorry we’ve discontinued the whip kit as we cannot ship magnets through the intl. post system anymore due to tightening air regulations. The new dipole kit is however superior compared to the whip in many ways and it usually will result in much better reception.

  28. William

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on a v3 (just recently learned SDR exists!!). Once received and an SDR s/w loaded on my machine, which addition software could I use to decode CW/RTTY/SSTV/WEFAX from an incoming signal without having to use an external wire from speaker output to mic?

    • admin

      Welcome to the world of SDR! You can use any decoding software with an audio piping program like Virtual Audio Cable or VB Cable. No need for external cables.

      Look up decoding software like CWGet, SeaTTY, fldigi, multiPSK, MMSSTV for those modes.

      • William

        Thank you. I am aware of them all but run into a problem with my Lenovo T450s laptop. It appears they took out the internal speaker-mic bridge and its not an option from the Control Panel. I installed the Virtual Audio Cable as well and that hasn’t worked either. I might have to build an external bridge myself to connect speaker/mic, with my earphones in parallel, but I’d rather not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  29. William

    2nd week in March and Amazon RTL-SDR bundle still not available. How much longer or are they available sooner through your web store?

    • admin

      Sorry it’s just been delay after delay with this shipment to the US. But it’s on the final leg now. Assuming no other screwups from the shippers it should be delivered to Amazon this week, and then then Amazon usually takes a few days to process the parcels and put them in the shelves. Probably 1 more week until it’s ready to be purchased again.

      Web store ships from China and takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery.

      • William

        Just saw they will become available on Amazon on March 18th. Already placed an order. Suspect you’ll be out of inventory pretty soon. 🙂

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