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3D Frequency Spectrum Visualization with Chrome and RTL-SDR

Over on ttrftech’s blog in Japanese (use Google translate), ttrftech has uploaded a new RTL-SDR program for Chrome which allows 3D visualization of the frequency spectrum. The program can be installed by simply downloading the files from GitHub and loading them into Chrome. Ttrftech explains that the program should work on any OS, but he has so far only been able to test it on MacOS.

Chrome 3D Frequency Spectrum for RTL-SDR
Chrome 3D Frequency Spectrum for RTL-SDR

RTL-SDR Radio Receiver for Chrome

A new RTL-SDR Radio Receiver app for Chrome has been released. The source code can be viewed at GitHub. The app is currently capable of receiving broadcast FM stations and scanning between them. To run this app you will need to have the Chrome web browser installed or be running a Chromebook laptop.

Note that at the moment there seems to be a bug in Windows Chrome that prevents this from working.

Radio Receiver is 100% written in JavaScript, but is nevertheless fast enough that it can run on a 2012 Samsung ChromeBook laptop at full quality.


* Stereo FM.
* Scan for stations.
* Unlimited slots for presets.
* Supports the International and Japanese FM bands.

Chrome RTL-SDR App
Chrome RTL-SDR App