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SDR-J Updated to Version 0.98

The RTL-SDR compatible DAB Radio receiving software SDR-J has recently been updated to version 0.98. DAB stands for digital audio broadcasting and is a type of digital radio signal used in some countries for transmitting broadcast radio stations in digital audio.

The new versions fixes some minor errors, brings back their ‘spectrum viewer’ software and also comes with a ‘DAB mini’ receiver which is simply a smaller windowed version of the regular DAB receiver. The new version also now supports the sdrplay and Airspy software defined radios.

SDR-J DAB Receiver
SDR-J DAB Receiver

Transmitting DAB with the HackRF

A RTL-SDR.com reader has written in to let us know about his project involving transmitting Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) using GNU Radio and the HackRF. DAB is a digital radio technology that is used to broadcast radio stations. He uses the CRC-DABMUX and CRC-DABMOD software to modulate an audio file into DAB and then uses a GNU Radio python script to write the modulated signal to the HackRF for transmitting.