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New Automated RTL-SDR Installer

Over on our Forums, user scannergoderich has posted about his new script which is an automated installer for the RTL-SDR drivers and commonly used software.

The installer has automated OS detection and will choose the correct version of Zadig (XP or modern) for your PC. The script can also install SDR#, ADSB# and ADSBScope and create desktop shortcuts.

I would like to introduce a new installer i made.
After many hours of tinkering. i came up with the following:
Automated OS Detection (i need yet to confirm if win xp drivers work yes or no?)
If no, someone please use zadig to extract Drivers for xp on thier xp machine and send to me and i will include it.
If it works also let me know :P 

*Automated installer for drivers
This installer will:
Detect OS Version and install driver automatically no more manual select using zadig
Install unlimited dongles all in one click (no longer manually installing one by one using zadig)
No longer accidental (wrong device selection)
No longer will windows in some cases try to overwrite the driver with its default driver for “TV mode”

If desired you can opt to install the following with Basic settings pre-configured (handy for beginners):
*Basic install with common settings of SDRSHARP (shortcut to desktop)
*Install of ADSBSHARP and ADSBSCOPE pre-configured (shortcut to desktop)
*Help file to get started(shortcut to desktop)

The installer can be downloaded from here. Extract the files to a folder and then run the Setup batch file by double clicking on it. You may need to allow it to run if your get a warning from Windows.

RTL-SDR Automated Installer
RTL-SDR Automated Installer