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Skywave Linux: New Linux Ubuntu Distribution made for Software Defined Radio

Skywave Linux is a new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 14.10. It is designed for users of software defined radio’s and comes with several useful SDR software packages preinstalled. It can be run from a bootable DVD, USB or SD card.

The author writes that Skywave Linux is currently compatible with the RTL-SDR and HPSDR hardware. At the moment it seems that the first version has only very few preinstalled software programs. These include: QT Radio, CubicSDR, Fldigi, and Dump1090. The authors write about Skywave:

Welcome to the first release of Skywave Linux! This is an operating system designed to provide access to a growing network of software defined radios all over the world. With global SDR access, shortwave listeners can access broadcast, utility, amateur radio, military, and other signals from almost anywhere in the world – from state-of-the art radio servers. All you need to do is boot Skywave Linux on a computer with internet access.

Why was Skywave Linux created? The developer of this system was plagued by a lack of access to quality radio broadcasts due to his residence in a country practising tight media control and censorship. In addition, software defined radio is an exciting way to experience the hobby of shortwave listening. By connecting to remote radio servers on the internet, it is possible to enjoy bleeding edge radio operation without large antennas or setting up a station on-site. Installing SDR software can be difficult for many computer users, and Skywave Linux eliminates the hassle of downloading, compiling, and configuring apps for the SDR servers on the internet.

If you’re instead looking for a distribution with GNU Radio preinstalled, then we note that other distributions such as KB1OIQ – Andy’s Ham Radio Linux, the GNU Radio live DVD, and Kali and Pentoo Linux also exist.

CubicSDR running in Skywave Linux
CubicSDR running in Skywave Linux