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SDR-Remote: A Physical Tuning and Control Knob for SDR#

Recently Maxim who runs his small company "ExpElectroLab" wrote in and wanted to share a new product that he's developed called "SDR-Remote v2.0". This is a physical tuning knob that connects to your PC, and can be used with programs like SDR#. Apart from the knob, there are also several buttons for volume control, presets, and various other functions. He writes:

Heart - ARDUINO NANO V3.0, buttons, encoder and software. Sketch wrote to order a professional programmer.

Implemented by:

  • tuning the reception frequency with a multiplicity of 1 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 mHz (additionally 50 Hz)
  • volume control
  • Mute the sound (mute)
  • FM mono / stereo switching
  • switching of modulation types
  • turn on / off the noise
  • adjustment of the threshold of noise
  • adjustment of the width of the strip
  • switching ranges 160m, 80m, 40m, 25m, 13m.10m, FM, AVIA, 2m, 70cm

It appears that Maxim doesn't have a full store, but rather sells the devices on VK Markets, which is a Russian clone of Facebook. Also at the moment only SDR-Remote V1.0 is available for sale, but V2.0 seems to be due to go on sale soon. Version 1.0 sells for 2,650 Rub, which is equivalent to around US$42. His store also contains various other home brew SDR related products such as upconverters, LNA's, filters and a fractal antenna. The video below in in Russian, but shows V2.0 being unboxed and demonstrates it working with SDR#.

Maxim has noted that you can contact him at [email protected] if you are non Russian and are interested in his products.

SDR-Remote V1.0
SDR-Remote V1.0

SDR-Remote V2.0 или валкодер для SDR Sharp

Remapping a Keyboard Volume Wheel for Knob Tuning in HDSDR

Earlier in the month we showed a post where Mile Kokotov hacked together a $3 SDR frequency tuning knob out of a mouse and cheap rotary encoder.

Now over on YouTube user m khanfar shows us another cheap solution. Instead of using a hacked mouse, m khanfar uses the volume wheel on his keyboard. Some keyboards have these extra multimedia action buttons and controls but not all. He simply uses a multimedia keyboard remapping program called MKey to map the volume wheel into a scroll wheel.

(HDSDR controller Tuning Knob)-Turn your keyboard volume scrolling button to Tuning Knob

Building a Tuning Knob for SDR#

If you love using SDR’s on the PC but miss the old feeling of tuning the frequency with a knob then 19max63 has a solution for you. On his blog he’s posted about how he built his own tuning knob by using a USB mouse PCB circuit and replacing the mouse wheel with a rotary encoder with no detents. Detents are the little clicks or steps that you can feel in some knobs, but for accurate frequency tuning you don’t want those.

His post shows the exact parts he bought (knob, mouse, buttons), the mods he made to the knob and mouse PCB, and how he put it all together. He writes that parts can all be found cheaply on eBay or Aliexpress and the total cost to produce a single knob was only about $4 (though he had to buy some parts in lots of 5 to 10).

The finished tuning kob for RTL-SDR and SDR#.
The finished tuning kob for RTL-SDR and SDR#.