Tech Minds: Reviewing the Malahit DSP1 SDR Receiver 50KHz – 2GHz

Over on the Tech Minds YouTube channel, Matt has uploaded a new review and demonstration of a Malahiteam DSP1 SDR Receiver 50KHz - 2GHz. This particular unit appears to be a Chinese clone unit which is actually called a 'Malahit SDR'. The Russian company Malahiteam makes the original units, and they come in a different enclosure and feature the full Malahiteam logo.

In the video Matt shows this version of the Malahit DSP1 in action, noting that the built-in speakers sound great and that RF performance seems to be good. He does however note that the enclosure is a bit cheap, being built out of PCB boards, and that the top encoder knob sometimes doesn't work properly. Overall Matt mentions that he probably wouldn't buy it at the current ~US$180 price point, noting that better newer models like the DSP2 and DSP3 already exist. 

Malahiteam DSP SDR Receiver 50KHz - 2GHz

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Al Hearn

This DSP1 clone was a poor choice by the reviewer, TechMinds. There are much better and newer DSP! models, such as the V5, that are far superior to the model reviewed. Furthermore, the DSP2 licensed clone models are even better.