Tech Minds: Testing a Radiosonde Decoder Plugin for SDR++

In one of his latest YouTube videos, Matt who runs the Tech Minds YouTube channels has posted a demonstration of the Radiosonde decoder plugin for SDR++ called sdrpp_radionsonde.

SDR++ is a software defined radio receiver program that is compatible with almost every SDR, including the RTL-SDR. Like other SDR programs, is has plugin capability, allowing third parties to develop additional features like decoders.

In the video Matt first shows how to install the plugin, demonstrates it being used with an example RS-41 radiosonde, and then shows how to use the log file outputs like the GPX track file on a free GPX map plotting website.

Radiosonde Decoder Plugin for SDR++

A radiosonde is a small sensor and radio package normally attached to a weather balloon. Meteorological agencies around the world typically launch two balloons a day from several locations to gather data for weather prediction. With an RTL-SDR, appropriate antenna and decoding software it is possible to decode the telemetry signal and gather the weather data yourself. You can also use the GPS data to chase and collect the fallen radiosonde package. We have an alternative tutorial on setting up a basic radiosonde decoder in Windows here.

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targetdrone is a site that publishes radiosonde signals in real time, around the globe.

Their Welcome guide (click the ? icon in the upper right corner of the title bar) has a bunch of useful links:
* You can set up your own receiver if you’d like to participate (similar to the ADS-B volunteer network, only far less populated. Each Midwestern state has only about 3 or 4 volunteer participants, so there’s lots of uncovered sky)
* You can set up a chase vehicle if that’s your thing
* You can even run your own tracker

If you have any interest, it’s worth a look.


There are many radiosondes to be viewed on HF if you have an SDR that displays the spectrum and a waterfall. They’re very intriguing, moving up and down the band at different speeds, fading in and out as the band conditions vary.


On HF?


HF = High Frequency = generally refers to 3 MHz – 30 MHz portion of the radio spectrum.


Those are ionosonde, not the same as a radiosonde.


It needs to plot it on map in real-time for chasing, pointless without that.


It can, it’s even demonstrated on the picture shown on the github page of the module.
I assume TechMinds didn’t find how to do it and assumed it wasn’t possible