TechMinds: Testing DragonOS Focal, a Linux ISO with many SDR programs built-in

In the past we've posted many times about DragonOS which is an Ubuntu Linux image that comes preinstalled with multiple SDR software packages. This takes the hassle out of needing to compile and install programs on Linux, some of which can often be very difficult and time consuming to get up and running. Aaron who is the creator of DragonOS also runs a YouTube channel where he provides multiple tutorials and demos of the software installed.

This week on the Tech Minds YouTube channel, host Matt tests out DragonOS in a Virtual Machine and gives a broad overview of what DragonOS is capable of. He shows how to set up VMWare Workstation in order to create the virtual machine, installs Dragon OS, shows what programs are included and demonstrates a few programs in action.

DRAGON OS FOCAL - The Software Defined Radio Toolbox

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Marty Hill

The only download I could find was on Sourceforge. I have a pretty good internet connection even for 4gb download. I’m not going to wait 4 hours to download this. Either Sourceforge is getting bombed with downloads or hackers. I would like to do torrent but couldn’t find one for Dragon OS