Testing a 16x RTL-SDR V3 WebSDR System for the Satcom Band

Over on Twitter Denis (@uhfsatcom) has recently been teasing us with photos of his 16 dongle RTL-SDR V3 setup. The system looks like it's designed to be a satcom band WebSDR receiver. 

The satcom band is around 240 - 270 MHz and mostly consists of various military satellites that act as simple repeaters which are often hijacked by pirates. WebSDR is a piece of software that allows for online web streaming of SDR radios. Users from all over the world can listen in if made public. Denis has also uploaded a short video showing a test of 8 dongles running and receiving the satcom band on his WebSDR system.

We look forward to hearing more updates on this project!

8 rtlsdr websdr test

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Native vs V3: different RBW values!


I would love to use WebSDR locally with multiple dongles though an appropriate upconverter and bandpass filters to monitor all of the ham radio bands. Unfortunately, to get the software, the author requires that your WebSDR setup be made available to the public online. Sadly, I still live in a world of sub-standard internet, and stupidly small bandwidth caps.