Testing Version Two of the NooElec Balun One Nine

Over on YouTube two reviewers have just uploaded videos showing off version two of the NooElec Balun One Nine. Version one of the Balun One Nine is a balun transformer that can be used with long wire and untuned dipole HF antennas to match the impedance with a 50 Ohm SDR. Matching the impedance results in better HF reception and less noise. While it is a balun and hence designed for balanced antennas like a dipole, it is possible to convert it into an unun for long wire antennas by cutting a trace.

In the first video Corrosive from SignalsEverywhere compares version one with version two. He notes that the new Balun uses a higher quality Coilcraft component, a more sturdy terminal connector and includes mounting holes. He notes that the power rating of the balun should also allow for low power transmission. However, when comparing the two in reception there is little difference in actual results between version one and two. 

In the second video TechMinds provides a similar video and also shows the enclosure that they will be providing in a premium version.

9:1 Balun Version 2 From NooElec

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Just build your own PCB. Coilcraft has also center tapped and double center tapped transformers, even in the WBxx-Series:

Jay Jaeger

V1 of this device had a center-tapped RF transformer, such that one could connect it and have a 3:1 winding ratio auto-transformer (9:1 impedance ration) and configure as an Unbalanced to Unbalanced device (Un-Un).

However, V2 is using a Coilcraft WB-9 Transformer WHICH HAS NO CENTER TAP (and the on-line schematics that I have found so far DO NOT apply to it).