The 2016 /r/rtlsdr Reddit Giveaway

The mods of the /r/RTL-SDR community on the Reddit discussion platform are currently hosting an RTL-SDR themed giveaway. The prizes up for grabs include units which have been donated from ThumbNet ( and us at The prizes also include several donated home brew projects including filters and downconverters. See the table at the end of this post for the full prize list.

To enter all you need to do is write a comment on the competition thread at and mention what you like about SDR and what you hope to do with a prize if you win. While you’re at it we strongly suggest subscribing to /r/rtlsdr if you haven’t already as that is one of the the largest and most active communities of rtlsdr users on the web.

The competition closes on December 3rd and only one entry per household is allowed.

Place Prizes Description
1st-2nd 2 ThumbNet – N3 SDR RECEIVER
3rd-5th 3 RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dongle + Antenna Kit
6th-7th 2 $25 ThumbNet – Gift Certificate
8th-11th 4 Blog V3 Dongle Only
12th 1 PA0RDT Mini-Whip Antenna
13th-14th 2 Blog Broadcast FM Filter
15th-16th 2 Up to ~4.5GHz Microwave Downconverter
17th 1 70cm HamSat / 433 Combline BPF
18th-20th 3 Choice of Custom Made 5 Pole HF BPF/LPF/HPF
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Too bad it is on that crappy abomination of a site which I will never use or associate with in any way ever. Nice giveaway though. Hopefully it brings some sales your way.


I have been using the SDRPlay RSP1 for a while now and in my opinion it is the best SDR currently available, therefore I am definitely interested in obtaining an SDRPlay RSP2.