Tracking Trains: Monitoring Railroad ATCS Control Signals with an RTL-SDR

Over on his YouTube channel GusGorman402 has uploaded a tutorial which shows how he monitors ATCS (Advanced Train Control System) signals from trains. ATCS signals are found in the USA, and is used for things like communications between trains, rail configuration data, train location data, speed enforcement, fuel monitoring, train diagnostics and general instructions and messages.

In the video he first shows how to determine the frequency of trains signals in your area by using the US FCC database. He then shows how to download and install the ATCSMonitor software which is used for decoding the signals, and then walks us through configuring the correct settings within the software. The train signal audio is piped from SDR# to ATCSMonitor via VBCable, and received with an RTL-SDR and simple whip antenna.

Later in the video he shows how to fully set up the software with train databases so that the actual spotted train names show up. He also shows how to set up the dispatcher display which visually shows the current train locations and track configurations.

GusGorman402 has uploaded the tutorial in two videos. The first shows the full tutorial, configuration and demo for trains in the BNSF fleet. The second video shows how to monitor the Union Pacific fleet which uses a different protocol, which requires a slightly different set up in ATCSMonitor.

RTL-SDR Railroad ATCS Monitor BNSF Omaha

RTL-SDR Railroad ATCS Monitor Union Pacific Omaha

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Can you use a smart phone to monitor ATCS?

Ken Dillman

Everything in the old Yahoo groups for ATCS has been moved to You have to join with to get access to the content


The group is restricted and located here:


The pictures are gone and searches don’t seem to find it. Perhaps it’s the new “underground railroad”. 😉
My guess is the admin (Dave) is purposely wanting to make the group hard to find.


Looks like yahoo has taken down the ATCS Monitor. If so, are there any alternatives??? Or is it me?? Any new instructions appreciated.

Gatekeepers Anonymous

Is it possible for somebody to post a link to the software? Or Is that not okay?

Anonymously Anonymous

I have joined atcsmon yahoo group completely in 24 hours and installed the software. Provided video is not very good help. I discovered on contrary to the video ATCSMon will install kits in zip archive format and save that as profile. ATSC Mon beginner help pdf is a must to completely set it up. I have 25 miles of rail line in view of my indoor antenna using either BCP or MCP TF-4 frequencies. I have the superior NooElec NESDR Smart.


Why on earth are people still using yahoo groups in this day and age?


Ughh yeah. So you can’t download ATCSMon unless you are a group member. You have to apply and be selected to join the group…

From the Yahoo Group:
Note to prospective members: Upon requesting membership, a
questionnaire will be sent to the email address used when
applying. You must forward your answers to the email address
appearing on the questionnaire, or membership will be denied.

Shawn C.

I used to be a member of the group. I grew disinterested and unsubscribed. Then, a year or two after that, I had a demo and thought it would be neat to show the software in action. When I re-joined, I replied with sarcastic answers to the questions. The guy denied my request to join. I then emailed him personally, apologized and said that I have two Yahoogroups of my own. I review all of the membership requests to make sure spam bots are not trying to join. But, I don’t feel the need to ask a questionnaire. Denied again.
I did manage to get the program from a friend who is a member. But, the guy really made me mad by being an elitist jerk.

ExpoLine Fan

Dave Houy is down right rude when you contact him


I completely agree.
I closed down my yahoo account after the massive security outage a couple of years ago and the CEO left.
I only used it for the forums however as it was always overflowing with ads and low quality news.

Jackson Abernathy

To protect their software so people can’t easily steal the software


I have 2 groups still on Yahoo-actually Verizon now. There is a certain amount of inertia and resistance to change. Plus, all of the files are still there.
One group I’m subscribed to went to Google and another went to Both have been fine. But there hasn’t been a clear reason to leave Yahoo/Verizon…yet.