Using a PlutoSDR and Mixer to Transmit 70cm DATV to a 23cm Satellite Receiver

Over on her YouTube channel, SignalsEverywhere, Sarah has uploaded a new video showing how she uses a PlutoSDR, HackRF and mixer to transmit DVB-S digital amateur TV to a standard satellite set top box. In this video the idea is to get a little more range by using the PlutoSDR to transmit in the 70cm band, then upconverting that to the 23cm band right at the satellite receiver. Transmitting at the lower frequency yields a higher power output from the PlutoSDR and less cable loss. The mixer consists of a passive mixer chip and a HackRF is used as the mixer LO signal source as a temporary test solution.

Digital TV Transmitter 70cm ATV to 23cm Satellite Receiver Using a Mixer/Upconverter

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Does it really matter what someone else does with their life. I do not see how it is in any way relevant to SDR or RF in general.


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