Using SDR# and the Fast Scanner Plugin for Wide Band Scanning

Over on Tom’s Radio Room Show (TRRS) on YouTube Tom has uploaded a video showing how to use SDR# together with Vasili’s Fast Scanner plugin. Fast Scanner is a plugin for SDR# that allows you to use SDR# as a wide band scanner. Essentially this quickly scans through multiple ~2 MHz chunks of bandwidth, and automatically tunes to any active signals. 

In his video Tom shows the Fast Scanner plugin in action, shows how to use it, discusses a bit about how it works and also shows what all the features are.

TRRS #1184 - Turn Your SDR Into Wide Band Scanner


  1. Rob McCulley

    Frequency Scanner sounds like it should have been called Frequency Searcher. I am looking for a traditional scanner interface Like you would find on a Bearcat, or AOR scanner where you enter the frequencies in a bank or banks and scan your favorite public safety agencies. Are there plugins for SDR# or other program that allow you to create database(s) and scan? Thanks all!

        • mac

          I plugged in that frequency manager suite but it scans as slow as molasses and SDR# hangs up all the time (prob unrelated problems). Works better on my laptop but still not great. Tried to download newer version of SDR# and Airspy’s site has a trojan virus on it. Freeware, guess I can’t complain since I’m getting what I paid for? But why bother, it might be time to buy a trunking Uniden scanner and be done with it.

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