Using SDR# and the Fast Scanner Plugin for Wide Band Scanning

Over on Tom’s Radio Room Show (TRRS) on YouTube Tom has uploaded a video showing how to use SDR# together with Vasili’s Fast Scanner plugin. Fast Scanner is a plugin for SDR# that allows you to use SDR# as a wide band scanner. Essentially this quickly scans through multiple ~2 MHz chunks of bandwidth, and automatically tunes to any active signals. 

In his video Tom shows the Fast Scanner plugin in action, shows how to use it, discusses a bit about how it works and also shows what all the features are.

TRRS #1184 - Turn Your SDR Into Wide Band Scanner

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Willie Hein

Can’t see to get to download their software. Outdated cert, and concerned not to try and go around it.


same here..


Gonna have to say this sounds more like a spectrum scope, 2MHz is extremely narrow for a scanner.

Rob McCulley

Frequency Scanner sounds like it should have been called Frequency Searcher. I am looking for a traditional scanner interface Like you would find on a Bearcat, or AOR scanner where you enter the frequencies in a bank or banks and scan your favorite public safety agencies. Are there plugins for SDR# or other program that allow you to create database(s) and scan? Thanks all!


Same here. Being able to plug in a few known frequencies and have it scan through them.


check out “Frequency Manager Suite”


I plugged in that frequency manager suite but it scans as slow as molasses and SDR# hangs up all the time (prob unrelated problems). Works better on my laptop but still not great. Tried to download newer version of SDR# and Airspy’s site has a trojan virus on it. Freeware, guess I can’t complain since I’m getting what I paid for? But why bother, it might be time to buy a trunking Uniden scanner and be done with it.