Video About Receiving The Othernet Satellite Data Service: Free APRS, News, Weather

The Othernet project aims to bring live data such as news, weather, video, books, Wikipedia articles and audio broadcasts to the world via cheap receivers and a free satellite service. Although an internet connection provides the same data, Othernet's satellite broadcast is receivable in remote areas, will continue working in disasters, and costs nothing to continually receive roughly 100-200 MB of data a day. The trade off is that the service is downlink only, so the data that you get is only what is curated by the Othernet team. Currently the service is only available in North America and Europe, but service to other areas in the world may eventuate in the future.

We've posted about this project a few times in the past, as previously they used an L-band satellite service that was received by RTL-SDR dongles. However, these days they operate using LoRa hardware chips on the Ku-band.

Over on YouTube the TechMinds YouTube channel has just uploaded a video that demonstrates the Othernet service being received from the UK via their Dreamcatcher hardware. In particular he shows off the APRS feature which sends any APRS message containing the string "OUTNET" to the Othernet satellite stream. Later in the video he also shows the news articles, weather data, Wikipedia and audio data that was received.

OTHERNET - Free Data Anywhere - For everyone!

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ATG HellFire

So in other words it is a Socialist Marxist lefty Liberal service to give info to the poor whom suffered under socialism and further indoctrinate them into the flag waving marxist culture by rich virtue signaling do gooders..i wont waste my effort being feed their crap …


Thats EXACTLY what I said it will become when this POS was first launched.

Follow the money…. and hardware makers….


WTF! The Pick “Deutsche Welle” who is a THE German Propaganda Station!
I believe its some project from a 3ltr Agency!


I tried to find some information on who picks the data that Othernet supplies. This is basically a curated feed, and you only get to look at what the curators want you to look at. Digging through the Othernet forums/FAQ you can find a few folks have posted links to view the Othernet data. I spent a bit of time digging into the news, and there’s a definite bias in the news articles selected (i.e. don’t expect to get a balanced view at the issues; if you’re conservative at all, you won’t find anything siding with you)

So, from a technology standpoint, this is pretty neat. But from a freedom, “let the end user decide what to believe” standpoint…not good, that I can see.