Video Introduction to Scattering Parameters with Animated Examples

Thank you to Apostolos for sharing with us his educational video that introduces "scattering parameters" (aka S-Parameters), and how these parameters relate to antennas and RF networks. S-Parameters are a matrix of values that can be used to describe an electrical network. Apostolos' video explains these parameters in detail, giving good visual examples. Apostolos writes:

Here are the topics I cover:

  • What is a 'Network'?
  • Power Waves
  • Complex Impedance & Phase Angle
  • S-Matrix & S-Parameters
  • Reflection & Transmission Coefficients
  • Standing Waves
  • Example Networks
  • Designating S-Parameters
  • Reciprocity & Losslessness
  • Reflection Coefficient and VSWR
A Visual Introduction to Scattering Parameters

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