Viewing Drone Signals with HackRF being used as a Wideband Spectrum Analyzer

Over on his YouTube channel user Andy Clarke has uploaded a video where he demonstrates his HackRF being used as a wideband spectrum analyzer with the HackRF Spectrum Analyzer software. About a year ago the HackRF team released a new firmware update which enabled the HackRF to be able to sweep through the frequency spectrum at a rate of up to 8 GHz per second. This allowed the HackRF to be used as a wideband spectrum analyzer which is able to display an arbitrarily large swath of spectrum. Shortly after the firmware update spectrum analyzer program by 'pavsa' was released on GitHub.

In the video Andy demonstrates the HackRF being used to view the WiFi band and show a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection between a drone and it's controller. He also shows it working with a handheld radio and the uplink of his mobile phone. Andy hopes to use the HackRF to avoid losing his drones due to interference.

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