YouTube video showing Meteor-M2 being decoded in real time

Yesterday we posted about a tutorial showing how to decode Meteor-M2 LRPT weather satellite images in real time with a new QPSK decoder plugin for SDR# and a modified version of Lrptdecoder. 

Over on YouTube user max30max31 (a.k.a IZ5RZR) has uploaded a video showing some of the steps in the tutorial as well as the real time result of decoding of the weather satellite image.

IZ5RZR - decode METEOR M2 satellite in realtime

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A little feedback.
Getting closer
The “Asynchronous socket error 10061 error” I get if I forget to start the QPSK plugin before starting LRPT Analizer. So that issue is not an solved.

The directory access denied issue I’m working on but the program is actually creating the BMP and stat. files so no urgency here. It has even created on .JPG file automatically.

Looks like the black lines are caused by the QPSK demodulator momentarily unlocking. Similar to noise bars on old APT system so I need to improve my antenna system or trim some more trees.

Am I having fun yet? You betcha and I’m learning new stuff all the time.

Thanks again, Bob, vk2byf


Hello Bob, this video is nice however its olddated and showing a older version of QPSK Plugin without explaining autostart with the DDE Sat Tracker Client that shoudl take care of autostarting LrptDecoder.
Please refer to – for up2date instructions.


Thanks for making this available to other enthusiasts.
I almost have it working. It was quite a job to get it going for a novice computer nerd like me but if you print the readme files and follow instructions step by step you will get there.

I was already using Orbitron & SDRsharp to track AO-73 and NOAA satellites.
I found now I have to start Orbitron which starts SDRSharp then I need to start QPSK decoder first before starting LRPT decoder.
I can see LRPT start to make 3 pictures but I get missing lines or half lines randomly. Meteor 2 signal is strong with antenna mounted LNA and SDR gain set half way 20 – 30dBm.

I get 2 errors from LRPD can’t create the “C:\path\path\.JPG file”, access denied.
And I get Asynchronous socket error 10061 error. I think they are problems with my PC. I’m working on it.
Thanks again, I really appreciate all your efforts and your sharing your skills.
73, de Bob, VK2BYF


Hi, if you get some errors, check if all it work ok, by making only a record and non use realtime


how did you solve the problem that miss the lines randomly