A Simple Step by Step Guide to Updating the NanoVNA Firmware

Thank you to RJ Juneau (ylabrj / VA3YLB) for sharing with us his NanoVNA firmware update guide for idiots. NanoVNA firmware is updated fairly often, so this is a good reference guide for those who want to test the latest code as updating the firmware is a multi-step process. He writes

I've put together a "for idiots" document (I'm both  the writer and the target audience) that holds your hand through the process of upgrading from Windows, and covers some important issues like:

  •  Are you using a nanoVNA or an updated nanoVNA-H? 
  • Where to pick up the right software for the board
  • Do you want the VNA or the antenna analyzer version?
  • The software you need to load it, drivers, etc.
The NanoVNA: A $50 Vector Network Analyzer
The NanoVNA-H: A $50 Vector Network Analyzer


  1. walter Machiels

    In his manual, one mode to enter Download mode is not mentioned:
    – You have de DFU mode
    -You have the jumper mode on BOOTO
    -You kan press and hold down the jog weel while powering up (new H4 version).

    Keep up the good work!

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