Video Tutorial About Decoding 433 MHz ISM Devices with rtl_433

Over on his YouTube channel Tech Minds has recently uploaded a video that demonstrates and shows how to use the rtl_433 software with an RTL-SDR to decode 433 MHz ISM band low power devices. Typically these devices include things like home wireless temperature and weather sensors, tire pressure sensors, remote controls, and other various sensors.

In the video he sets up an RTL-SDR and magmount antenna by his window and is able to receive data from several of his neighbors weather stations, and some car key remotes. He shows how to run the software on both Linux and on Windows.

How To Decode 433Mhz Low Power Devices Using RTL433 And A RTL-SDR Receiver


  1. Pete

    I agree 500%. A newbie has very little chance of understanding how to apply the device and app. You can do just what the guy did and nothing more.
    It is impossible to find ans explanation of what is being done and why,
    Searching is useless. Tons of hits but most are obsolete this a waste of time. Over and over and over…..great wastes of time.

  2. ve6kp_andy

    *typical install instructions that dont work” or i just dont get something here
    Prerequesits not clearly defined and steps in between. Unfortumatly the experianced take for granted everyone is fluent in what it takes to make this work. I have fumbled thru many pi projects but this has no clear instructions for my experiance level.
    I just cannot find a clear set of instructions for this. using stretch ver.9 on raspberry pi.
    i have done this git clone
    and have done this git clone and i read about mkdir the cmake and cmake does nothing.
    If anyone has a clear set of instruction on how to set up the dongle and drivers and then the rtl_433 on a raspberry pi 3 with stretch ver 9 that would be fantastic.

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