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If you need troubleshooting support please first ensure that you have been through our Quickstart guide and the troubleshooting section on it, as well as our V3 users guide. Common questions like how to use the HF mode and how to activate the bias tee are explained on the V3 users guide. 

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  1. William James


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  2. David

    Sounds like you are trying to receive the signal with the repeater, have the repeater retransmit the signal so the SDR can hear it. If this is the case the repeater out probably overpowers the input to the SDR. Better to use a preamp on the sdr or tap off the signal in the repeater and send some to the SDR if you actually need it repeated for others in the area and not have a separate antenna on the SDR.

  3. raman

    we are trying to capture mobile signals, and in areas where the signals are weak, we install a GSM repeater to enhance the signals. but the compatibility between the gsm repeater and the SDR is creating problems. Any suggestions, tips are most welcome

  4. David

    What do you call a repeater? You need a preamp, preselector, or if using a transmitter an amp. A repeater is supposedly something that hears a signal then retransmits it at a higher power or in a certain direction.

  5. raman

    hello all, i need to boost the mobile signal recived by the SDR, but when i connected a mobile repeater to enhance the signals, the available frequencies as shown by the software, reduced to just 2-3 . how can i integrate a mobile signal repeater to provide better connectivity to the SDR?

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