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Hello, I bought rtl-sdr v4 but I can't run it on linux opensuse tumbleweed please help


Good morning
Please advise how I can enable the SPF5189z LNA power supply via the LTR-SDT.COM V4 connecting cable?

Dzień dobry
Bardzo proszę o podpowiedź w jaki sposób mogę uruchomić zasilania LNA SPF5189z przez kabel łączący LTR-SDT.COM V4?


How to turn on the power supply via a direct connection or via a cable between LTR-SDT.COM V4 – SMA-F antenna connector => SMA-F OUT +5V LNA SPF5189z?


Hello, I am the developer of RForAll, an app for scanning and analyzing radio frequencies on MacOS. I always recommend the RTL SDR V3 dongle, and I would like to make my application natively compatible with the V4. Could you please contact me at my email [email protected]? A while ago, I sent an email to admin but didn’t receive a response. I suppose you are very busy, but I need to ask them a few questions. Thank you.


I’ve downloaded the newest software for the V3 dongle and I don’t see a .bat file anywhere???


Hey there! Just dropped you an email about my RTL-SDR project. Excited to share and potentially feature on your blog. Let me know what you think


Just tried to install Zadig 2.8 driver on my new Win11. Using RTL2832UHIDIR. Installer times out. I will be using on HDSDR. HDSDR does not show the RTL-Dongle as an input option. The driver for Zadig is not installing.



V4 works on Windows 10?
Have a link with drivers?

Ross Williams


I’ve been using my V3 dongle with a longwire antenna and a nooelec balun to listen to HF and shortwave broadcast with great success. I recently purchased the V4 dongle to take advantage of the built in upconverter but have been unable to make it work.

I have followed the quick start guide to the letter and have no clue what I’m missing. My V3 dongle still works just fine. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you tune any other frq using V4? For example commercial FM, if not, first replace .dll file from rtl-sdr github, and if you are using with V3 for V4 don’t use direct sampling mode option. If you are SDR# user try other programs like SDR++, HDSDR or SDRConsole

R vd meer

There is a other option ,download from this website
It is de sdrsharp with all plugins automaticly installed.
Tried it on my v3 and its working without any problems.
I use windows 10 64 bits with all updates installed.


Hi, I have used sdr eeprom (from sdr#) to change the product name with -p command. But now the sdr v4 don’t work correctly anymore, sdr# see the dongle but only noise no any radio station even on the commercial FM band. I already try to restore back the original string of the product but no solution. I think the sdr eeprom tool incluse in the sdr# have write the eeprom on some wrong address. You can help me? can i have the original dump of the eeprom and the correct tool to rewrite it on the dongle? Thanks.


Try to restore with program RTLTool Distribution


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that there is a small typo in the last paragraph of the Spot RTL-SDR Blog V3 Clones section of the Store page. The word “reputable” is written as “repurable”.


hello! i followed the directions as best as i could. i cant get it to work. sdrsharp wont see the dongle. always says no device detected. all of the instructions are outdated. its now 1919 not 1913. did the whole zadig driver on bulk data 1 not zero etc still no joy. any suggestions?


Hello, since when has this been like this? This is suddenly the same for me under Windows 11 32H22, the 2832U driver is simply no longer installed and is rejected by Windows! Just like that. Also no help from RTL-SDR.Com can be seen. A pity. I have both sticks, V3 and new, v4 and both no longer work. Zadeg claims with every installation >Driver successfully installed!<???


As already reported, Zadec always says driver is installed. However, SDRSharp says: No device found! Unfortunately I misclicked on the first WINDOWS 11 error message. Now they are no longer displayed. It said: “Driver does not meet the compatibility requirements and will therefore NOT be installed.”
There is also no driver in the device manager. So Zadec is “lying” here…!?

If I pull the stick out of the USB-A interface, the device manager reacts and rebuilds the display. Even when I plug the stick back in, it reacts exactly the same, but it doesn’t work without the driver. As I said, I had it working in build 22H2!?? So what could this be?




How do I change serial number on rtl-sdr

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