SignalsEverywhere: KerberosSDR Direction Finding Video Tutorial

Over on his YouTube channel SignalsEverywhere, Corrosive has uploaded a new video about setting up a KerberosSDR for direction finding. KerberosSDR is our new 4-input Coherent RTL-SDR that was crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and has now shipped to all backers. With KerberosSDR applications like direction finding and passive radar are possible. If you're interested, there are still about 70 units available in this batch. After that a second batch will be available in a few months.

In the video he goes over the full set up procedure, from setting up his chosen computing platform (a Raspberry Pi 3) to connecting up the KerberosSDR, connecting to it's web interface, calibrating, setting up the antennas, and then demonstrating some direction finding with four whip antennas on his car and a HackRF used as a signal source.

Radio Direction Finding Equipment KerberosSDR Coherent 4 x RTL SDR RDF Setup

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I bought 2 KerberosSDR’s and I bought a Tinkerboard S and a Raspberry PI 3+ to use each with.
I was going to connect them with a short USB to MicroUSB cable, but then I noticed that the Tiker board and Pi will ‘fit’ directly onto the KerberosSDR’s board via the 40-pin header bar. When you remove the enclosure bottom there’s even instructions on the board next to the 40-pin header bar that say:
“Please remove JP2 jumper for Raspberry Pi operation”
“Power booth KerberosSDR and RPi fromUSB PWR.”

Will this work with both the Pi and the Tinkerboard?
What are the drawbacks?