Video Tutorial: Setting up DMR Decoding with SDR#, DSD+ and an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user Tech Minds has uploaded a useful video which shows how to set up DMR decoding with SDR#, VB-Cable, DSD+ and an RTL-SDR dongle. He also uses the DSD plugin for SDR# which makes controlling the command line DSD+ software a little easier. If you are interested we also have a short tutorial on DMR/P25 decoding available here. The video starts from downloading and installing the software, and explains every step very carefully, so it is a very good starting video for beginners.

DMR (aka MotoTRBO or TRBO) is a digital voice protocol used by Motorola radios. Software like DSD+ is required to listen to it, but it can only listen in if the signal is unencrypted.

Tech Minds has also uploaded several other tutorial videos to his channel over the last few months including guides on how to set up the ham-it-up upconverter, ADS-B tracking, using a Raspberry Pi to create a FM transmitter and more.

How To Setup SDR # Sharp To Decode DMR Digitial Using DSD Plus And An RTL SDR Receiver on Windows 10


  1. Jim

    The Configure button on the DSD + plugin will not move after it is enabled and I can not push the OK button to make the program work because I can not resize the screen. Is there a fix for this problem?

  2. SP4IZK

    Jest błąd. Urządzeniem wyjściowym audio nie może być VC. Trzeba wstawić urządzenie audio, do którego włączone są głośniki komputera.

  3. Steve Keith

    Enjoyed you video but am unable to find the DSD SDR# plugin to open DSD from within SDR# on the linked site. Is it still available.

  4. Kerteszradio

    Inspired by this article, i try again the DMR decoding use with DSD – succesful ! My desktop computer (W7/64bit) use SDR#,DSD, and VAC (virtual audio cable). Very surprised me, but works ! Also try my old Asus EEEpc900 (XP/32bit) with HDSDR, VAC, and of course DSD. And also works ! Basically the installation not too hard, but the configuring and correct work is achieved, but hard.

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