Listening to Spacewalk Communications from the International Space Station

Over on YouTube user LEGION ELMELENAS has uploaded a video showing his reception of voice communications from a Russian spacewalk on the International Space Station (ISS).

Legion used a Funcube Dongle Pro+ which is a software defined radio USB dongle similar to the RTL-SDR, but with better performance and higher cost. He also used a home made turnstile antenna, the SDRSharp software and the Orbitron satellite tracking software to automatically correct for the signals doppler shift as the ISS flies over.

International Space Station spacewalks(Russian astronauts EVA) received with Funcube Dongle Pro+

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Hi, I’m the user of the video, also recorded another video in another pass.

This can be seen with the sdrsharp, nasatv and orbitron.

The voice starts at 3:00 and can be viewed as the ISS goes into shadow at 7:00

Nasatv leads 20sec delay with respect to the received voice.