Avoiding Fake SDRplay RSP Devices

We've posted about various fake clones of various brands of SDRs a few times on this blog, and recently this week SDRplay reiterated their warning noting that the fake SDRplay clones may not work with official SDRplay software. 

There are sellers of fake RSPs on the internet. They are selling counterfeit devices some of which appear cosmetically the same as the genuine SDRplay® devices. There is a high likelihood that these devices will not work – according to unsuspecting buyers* who have contacted us.

These counterfeit devices attempt to make use of:

  • Stolen IP
  • Stolen software product (SDRplay proprietary API and driver software)

In addition, the counterfeiters have no access to our rigorous production test solution and so these devices are probably untested.

* Here’s what one AliExpress customer posted:

The rest of the post goes on to highlight how you can be sure that you are not purchasing a fake clone.

Example of a fake SDRplay RSP at Walmart


  1. Alex

    Well, sdrplay has fake detecting code build in. But it easily fixable with IDA. Not mention to say this is why closed source blobs are evil. Just waiting handyman with time and skill to do proper re.

  2. David

    @邹健 said: “I know who sell SDRPLAY clone on alexpress (sic) he is a real businessman, not a tweet @fei666888”.

    You may know him and call him a “real businessman”, and he may not be the owner of the @fei666888 Twitter account, but if he is shamelessly selling copied products he is really a thief, not a business man.

    @Genuine said: “The guy cloning all these SDRs is hiding under the Twitter username @fei666888.”

    He’s not hiding. His Twitter page has a picture of someone’s face on it, and there’s no effort to hide what’s going on. Look at the site, plenty of photos and the posts are in English.

    Justin Peng, @fei666888, 一蓑烟雨任平生 , China, Shenzhen, Joined September 2019:


  3. 邹健

    The clone of this SDRLAY on AliExpress is produced by JZ Studio. They even cloned RaspSDR and named it Flydog sdr. However, the author of RaspSDR @fei666888 said he was helpless.

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