Hackaday’s LimeSDR Mini Review

Over on Hackaday author Jenny List has today posted a review of the LimeSDR Mini. The LimeSDR Mini is a US$139 TX/RX capable SDR that was successfully crowd funded and has recently begun shipping to initial backers. In the review Jenny goes over the specs and differences between the Mini and standard LimeSDR. She then goes on to test it in GQRX, receiving a DAB digital radio signal, and creating a simple replay attack and FM transmitter in GNU Radio.

If you're interested in the differences between an RTL-SDR and a slightly higher level yet still budget friendly SDR then this review is a good overview. If you are interested, we also did a brief unboxing and initial thoughts review of the LimeSDR Mini which is available here.

The LimeSDR Mini
The LimeSDR Mini
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