LimeSDR Mini Updates: Demonstrations with Universal Radio Hacker, LattePanda, PothosSDR and GNU Radio

Over on their CrowdSupply crowdfunding site LimeSDR have been releasing several short tutorials and demonstrations showing their new LimeSDR Mini in action. The latest update shows a short tutorial on using the LimeSDR Mini together with Universal Radio Hacker (URH) to reverse engineer a 433 MHz remote control

Other previous updates include showing how to use the LimeSDR Mini and Wireshark to analyze WiFi signals, using it with a LattePanda mini computer, creating an FM demodulator in PothosSDR and decoding a 433 MHz keyfob in GNU Radio.

The LimeSDR Mini is a smaller and cheaper version of their LimeSDR which has slightly reduced specifications. The main changes are the slightly restricted frequency range of 10 MHz – 3.5 GHz, and half the maximum bandwidth at 30.72 MHz. The mini also only has 1×1 TX/RX channels. 

Recently the LimeSDR was released for crowdfunding on and already has raised $165,000 of it’s $100,000 threshold with 12 days remaining. Currently you can back the project for $139 with shipping expected on Dec 31.

LimeSDR Mini Renderings
LimeSDR Mini Renderings
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