RSP1 Metal Enclosure Price Reduced to $29.95

Recently we’ve reduced the price of our RSP1 Metal Enclosure upgrade kit from $39.95 down to $29.95 USD. You can purchase the kit from our store. The kit comes with:

  • 1x Metal Enclosure
  • 1x Carry case
  • 1x BCFM Filter with SMA Male to Male Adapter
  • 1x Accessory set including rubber feet, screws, grounding post.

On Amazon USA there are less than 16 units left, and shipped from China from our store there is less than 85. We won’t be restocking this item for a few months so please get in quick if you are interested.

We brought out this kit back in March and instructions for using the kit can be found on this post.

The RSP1 metal case kit
The RSP1 metal case kit
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