Instructions and a Review of the SDRplay RSP1 Metal Enclosure Upgrade Kit

Mike (kd2kog), our partner on the SDRplay RSP1 Metal case upgrade kit has recently uploaded an instruction set that shows step by step how to perform the upgrade (pdf). It shows how to dismantle the RSP1 from the plastic case, install the included broadcast FM filter, mount the PCB and shows where all the nuts and washers go.

The metal case upgrade is something we brought out back in March. It allows owners of the SDRplay RSP1 SDR to upgrade the default plastic case to a sturdy metal one for improved ruggedness and RF shielding. It also comes with an included broadcast FM filter to help reduce strong FM images which are often a problem on some bands with the RSP1. It also comes with a handy travel case. If you want to purchase the enclosure we have it available on our store at, and also on US Amazon, both with free shipping.

Also, over on his blog K5ACL has posted a short review of the case.

Image of the RSP1 Metal Case from K5ACL's review
Image of the RSP1 Metal Case from K5ACL’s review
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