Reviews and Assembly Videos of our SDRplay RSP1A Metal Enclosure Upgrade Set

Over on YouTube we've seen several reviews and installation videos of our SDRplay RSP1A metal enclosure + portable antenna set that we released for sale back in July of this year. The set comes with a metal enclosure, carry case, and a bonus 7m portable wire antenna spool and telescopic antenna. It costs US$29.95 including shipping and is available on our store or via Amazon.

The first review is by Tysonpower. His review is in German, but English subtitles are available on YouTube. In the review he notes that interference appears to be reduced with the metal case, and notes that the SDR is better protected against bumps.

[EN subs] RSP1A Metallgehäuse - ShortReview

We've also seen a review by Danny Shortwave And Radio DX which also shows the assembly process and shows how easy it is to transfer the PCB from the plastic case to the metal case.

Metal Case Upgrade for SDRPlay RSP1 and RSP1A from Amazon

Finally the third video by Koptervision also shows an unboxing, review and assembly timelapse.

SDRPlay Metal Case Upgrade - Unboxing and Assembly

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