SDRPlay Price Reduced to $149 USD

The Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP) by SDRPlay is a receive only software defined radio with a 100 kHz to 2 GHz range (with a small gap at 380 MHz to 430 MHz), a 12-bit analogue to digital converter (ADC) (~10.4 ENOB), 8 MHz bandwidth and a bank of several switched front end filters.

Previously the SDRPlay RSP was priced at $299 USD, however they have just halved this price down to $149 USD plus tax and shipping. At this price point we think the SDRPlay is a very good competitor to the Airspy SDR which seems to be the more popular option priced at $199 USD, especially if you are interested in listening to the HF bands without the need for an upconverter.

Recently we posted about some SDRPlay reviews which are all favourable.

The Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP) by SDRplay.
The Radio Spectrum Processor (RSP) by SDRplay.
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Hi from the folks at SDRplay. Indeed we do charge either in Dollars or Pounds. It’s either £99 or $149 which right now equated to around 137 euros. Sorry for any confusion.


They seem to price it in either £ or $ and the price in Euros depends upon the exact exchange rate when the transaction is completed, to the Euro price is only approximate and will be the variable one


99.00 GBP, is approximately 148.025 USD, so I fully get the $149 price tag. But 99.00 GBP is approximately 136.819 EUR, so I do not get why they are charging €149. That just seems wrong to me.