I’ve had a few email requests by different people over the past few months to start up a discussion forum.

The new forum can be found at rtl-sdr.com/forum, and can also be accessed from the Discussion Forum link in the top menu. Please register and post. If you have any suggestions for the forum such as categories you think should be added, you can reply in the welcome thread.


  1. Bob Zyskowski

    Scanning stops and I get “CAN NOT ACCESS RTL DEVICE”. This error is not listed in the RTL-SDR book. Can anyone help?

  2. Thomas

    I cannot get the digital portion of SDRSharp to work. After installing the simulated audio cord it no longer allows me to access the set up to put it in “Record”. I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 10

  3. bipolarbear

    iam looking at recording my company’s transmissions to text can some one suggest a easy fix iam using standard 477mhz analog

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