SDRUno Updated to Version 1.03

SDRUno, the official software for the SDRplay has recently been updated to version 1.03. SDRUno is the free SDRplay specific version of Studio1, and also supports other SDR’s like the RTL-SDR, with an artificial 1MHz bandwidth limit. The change log is shown below:

Bug Fixes

  • High DPI resolution issue.
  • Various minor bug fixes and typos


  • Reworked filter cutoffs
  • Separate out EXTIO functionality
  • RSP Ready indicator in Main Window/SETT/Input
  • Rename FM Stereo Noise Reduction button and slider to FMS-NR to avoid confusion with SNR (Signal Noise Ratio)
  • Improvements to tuner AGC scheme
  • Improvements to DC offset scheme
  • Removed unused buttons in SP1/SP2 windows
  • LO display in RSP advanced window and the SP1 window
  • Change defaults (LNA OFF / AGC ON)
  • Added RDS PTY support


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No ExtIO.exe found!
I use win10 x64 with R820T2. HDSDR und SDRSharp work fine. But UNOextio will not work.
No ExtIO found in Config. Any help. Whats wrong ?

Akos Czermann

Dll is probably no copied into my documents folder.

Rewritten guide for 1.04 here:


I have some questions about SDRUno Is it free for the RTL-SDR dongles ????
If so how do you get it to work with the STR-SDR dongle , I found no instructions for how to load it and to get it to work .


Just install it, copy the file extIO_RTL2382.dll in the Documents folder and run SDRuno.EXTIO.exe
Check the instructions written from Akos


Thank you Max’s