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    • admin

      Fake scam listing for sure. Sold for less than the manufacturing price, with a eBayer that has very low feedback. This type of scam happens a lot on eBay. They simply take the money and run, never shipping anything. Please help us report scams like this via the eBay reporting system. We always report them as soon as we see them, but it takes a while for eBay to take them down. If more people report it will probably get taken down faster.

      • Max

        Ebay has lost control of what’s going on on their platform. The Baofeng radios scam has been going on for years. Now they cannot even stop scripts inserted by advertizers from redirecting the browser to fake iphone giveaways and all they can do is suggest to install adblock plugins.

    • Tom Stiles

      Twice I almost fell for this scam. I wanted this set of antennas for my YouTube show and they were sold out on Amazon. Luckily I decided to wait until they were for sell on Amazon again. It is obvious that the fake seller knows that these are in high demand and people will do anything to get them.


      • mark

        Thanks for the response. I have another question. I am running MAC and want to learn SDR on it? or is it better to use Windows? I am running paralles Windows 7 on my MAC. Second question for getting aquanted with a SDR what software do you recommend?

    • admin

      Power a Rpi + RTL-SDR with Solar? I see no reason why it wouldn’t work, but that solar panel isn’t going to be big enough to power a Rpi + RTL-SDR 24/7.

      Also be way of the EMI produced by cheap solar though if there is an inverter.

  1. Tito Castillo

    Does anyone feed rtl-sdr signal to broadcastify? Is it possible? if so, what would be needed to create station to feed signal to Broadcastify as a station?


    I have an old (10+?) DBT 380UR which runs with K-World program. As its old, it won’t/can’t decode HD, H.264 channels. When the V3 dongle arrives, will it do it, and if so, what s/w do I need for viewing, scheduling and recording?

    • admin

      It’s just that his website domain or server has expired and it now redirects to an ad page, no ones done anything malicious. This is very common with sites that have been abandoned by the owner. Your security software probably sees those full page ads as suspicious. I have now replaced the link to the pdf with the archival version which should always be available.

  3. Axel Bak

    I’m trying to cancel my subscription to a extremely busy thread but it says “Follow this link to access your personal page: [manager_link]” all the time! Help!


  4. Oz Hamzah

    I’m installing my RTL-SDR V3 unit on MS Surface 3 Pro and the Configuration window in the SDRSharp software does not allow me to select a device. The drop-down menu grayed out and E4000 is visible right above the field. The unit works great on my generic desktop computer. I reinstalled the software many times on the Surface Pro and it did not resolve the problem. Help…

  5. Henk

    Hello all
    It seems that rrtl-sharp doesnt support the rtl dongel anymore. I have download version and I cant get it to work anymore.It gives the errror “no device selected” and yes rtlsdr.dll is in the sharp folder.
    Older versions are working fine

    Best regards


  6. Oleg

    Hello MR Carl Laufer! I wrote you an e-mail, could you answer it. In my opinion, my letters always get into spam ((

  7. Steve Schwartz

    Hi Carl. I saw you in an interview recently on HamRadioNow’s channel. Thanks so much for everything you are doing for the RTL-SDR community. I have learned so much from you and really appreciate it. I’ve put together a video series on RTL-SDR for the absolute beginner. I try to take technical concepts and bring them down to a level that a complete novice would understand. The vid series is located at Would love your feedback and feel free to share with your audience if you see fit. Thanks again so much!

    • Steve Schwartz

      Don’t I feel like a dummy! Just saw you have an article from May 25th with a link to my vids (Thanks, BTW!) At any rate – I appreciate it. I’ve added a couple of videos on RTL-SDR on a Raspberry Pi on Linux using GQRX. My next quest is to get SDRtrunk running on a Pi (if it can handle running Java JRE and SDRtrunk, I’m not sure).

      After that, I plan on purchasing a HackRf and experimenting in the 2.4 range. I’m a nut about drone safety and all these unsafe pilots make me want to scream. Hopefully, I can use SDR to show folks how their drones are using similar frequencies as our WiFi routers, and that’s why it is so unsafe to fly over populated areas. Ok, off my soap box now. Again, Carl, thanks for everything you do!

  8. The Racing Signal

    I have a few videos that I demonstrate the possibility for the R820T/2, in both your dongle and NooElec NESDR Smart, can in fact take advantage of troposphere ducting inversion in the VHF band at my YouTube channel The Racing Signal. Please keep in mind I use RTL-SDR for monitoring conventional radio communications as well as ham radio and citizens band (27mhz). I encourage the use of my videos for any future blogs you may have for your blog, I hope to break the back of the placebo effect “rtl-sdr is not good for voice comms”. Carl. I also watched the video you where on at the Dayton Hamvention. Great job!!

  9. Jon Kreski

    I need help setting-up the SpyVerter and RTL-SDR dongle running SDR# on Windows 10 PC. I have it connected to the dongle. 1st question – there are two sides – which side goes towards the dongle and which side is for the antenna? 2nd question – is there a manual for the SpyVerter? 3rd question – The dongle is plugged into a USB port and works well. The antenna is the HF antenna I use every night to listen to 80 meters, 40 meters, AM broadcast, SW, etc. but I can hear no signals with my current set-up. Question 3 – Since I have the dongle in a pwered USB port do I need the second mini-usb as a power source. I currently have that connected to a different USB port. Do I need both or does that cause confusion for the computer?



  10. Brady Handel

    Hi about a month ago I bought the small rtl-sdr dongle and It’s not picking up. I am using the SDRsharp software and it’s saying to me “Generic RTL2832U OEM (0)” isn’t it supposed to say 1 instead of 0? I tried reinstalling it through zadig but nothing happened I tried restarting my computer nothing happened. I need help figuring out how to make it work again.

    EMAIL: [email protected]

  11. virender

    Hi all,
    I have V3 dongle connected with 9 mtr rg 174 cable and end with some long copper wire. There is lot of interference at 1 hz to 9 hz in direct sampling mode. My question is how to remove these interference to get decent reception at HF also some suggestion to improving dynamic range at HF.

  12. roadrunner

    HDSDR Hardware support has a new RTL EXTIO USB DLL marked march 20,2017 get a scoop on it. It has better decimation. Decimation seems to match the R820T/T2 chip

  13. Joey

    Sometimes when I click on an article my browser gets redirected to malicious websites. This only happens on my mobile browser on

  14. Virender

    In SDR# while browsing on shortwave there is a FM Ghost signal appear (image of actual signal is here which is actually broadcasting at 91.1 Mzh then how can I remove it completely without ignoring and in other image there is a strong interference appear at 1Mhz to 3Mhz always. Is it natural at this frequency or may be other cause to this interference.


    RTL SDR software define Radio is a unique application and very useful receive FM Radio station very clear. SDR is also very useful to have updated weather forcasting information with taking pictures from the space and to know and predict the weater, Cyclone etc. Also to track Aircraft flying from one destination to other. I love to use RTL SDR and to monitor many application related to AMATEUR BANDS as receiver.

  16. JM

    If there is a working scanner plug in or stand alone I can’t seem to find a working one. Anyone (admin this is for you too!) have a working scanner plug in for SDR# or can recommend a program that works with the dongle that CAN scan?

  17. Virender

    Hi admin,
    Is there any direct replacement for rtl2832u chip to improve this dongle because it is main bottleneck in rtl-sdr? Such as mirics chip so that rt8202t2 can be used in full potential.

  18. virender

    Hello Admin,

    Today I checkout the RTLSDR store and buy a dongle. I want to know it arrival time at my locations. How much time It will take to reach at me.


    • admin

      You’d probably need to request the author of the Android driver and software to include a setting for it. If you email him let us know that we’re happy to help him if he needs more info.

  19. KD2OM

    This is what I get when trying to turn on the bias Tee so that I can use the Spyverter.
    My V3 dongle works fine with VHF.
    I also need to have the bias tee turned on all the time and I don’t have much interest in above 30 MHz. How is this done.

    sudo rtl-sdr/rtl-sdr/build/src/rtl_biast -b 1
    Kernel driver is active, or device is claimed by second instance of librtlsdr.
    In the first case, please either detach or blacklist the kernel module
    (dvb_usb_rtl28xxu), or enable automatic detaching at compile time.
    usb_claim_interface error -6
    [email protected] ~ $

    • Schm1tz1

      As admin said. rmmod the kernel driver, blacklist it or just compile rtl_sdr with the “detach” option by adding the cmake option “-DDETACH_KERNEL_DRIVER=ON”.

  20. Neil

    I’m using rtl-sdr. I receive NOAA sat signals and I’m able to extract images but not with Meteor M2. Is Meteor M2 up? I’ve been trying it for a month now but I still have no luck. The frequencies I’ve tried are 137.1 and 137.925. I’ve tried A) rtl_fm -f 137.925M -g 0 -s 384k – > meteor.raw B) rtl_fm -f 137.925M -g 50 -s 384k – > meteorv3.raw C) rtl_fm -f 137.1M -g 50 -s 120k – > meteor120.raw D) rtl_sdr -f 137100000 -s 900001 -g 0 -p 49 test13.raw and more without luck. I convert the raw file to wax using sox like this sox -r 192000 -e signed -b 16 -c 2 meteorv4.raw meteorv4.wav followed by sox meteorv4.wav meteorv130.wav rate 130000 then I open it in LRPTX.exe BSPK/QSPK DeWavulator. I never get the 4 dots in constellation even if I play with Symbol Rate. All I get is this – even on the parts of the wav file. What could I be doing wrong?

  21. Michael Fortner

    I am having a problem with my RTL-SDR RTL2832u R820T2 v3 and my Windows 7 computer. It was working fine until I tried installing SDRUno Monday evening and couldn’t get it to work with the dongle. No problem, I have SDR#, HDSDR, and RTL1090 that all work fine so I uninstalled SDRUno. Now, when I try any of those programs, they work for a few minutes, then freeze up and either shut down or just sit there until I try to kill the process. However, when I try reloading any of my SDR programs, nothing happens. I go into task manager and it shows the original program still running and the new one as well, and won’t let me kill the program. Even KillProcess.exe fails to kill it. I have to reboot the computer to start up any SDR programs again, only to have it happen again. I have Windows 7 SP1 with Microsoft .net and Visual C++ being the latest versions. I just got the dongle this month and now I can’t use it. HELP!

  22. Gabriele

    Hello , yesterday I bought the new rtl sdr com from your site on amazon and I do not know how it happened did so ordered twice, but I need one you can annullarmi an order ?

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