Using a LimeSDR Mini in SDR#

Thank you to Steve Bossert who wrote in and wanted to share his notes about getting a LimeSDR Mini SDR to run in SDR#. The LimeSDR Mini is a $159 RX and TX capable SDR with 12-bit ADC, 10 MHz to 3.5 GHz tuning range and up to 30.72 MHz of live bandwidth. We have a short review of it available here.

Steve notes that to get the Limesdr Mini to run in SDR# he simply had to download and extract into the SDR# folder a front end plugin developed by Goran Radivojevic (YT7PWR). After adding the front end plugin XML definition, it can now be found in the SDR# device selection menu. This plugin should work for the standard LimeSDR as well.

We note that this is the same procedure for other SDRs too, such as the PlutoSDR. If you have an SDR not supported by default in SDR#, search for "[your_sdr] + SDR# front end plugin" on Google, and if you are lucky you might find something already exisiting.

LimeSDR Mini Control Interface in SDR#
LimeSDR Mini Control Interface in SDR#
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Works on old version
Build 2018.


de [email protected]
I got my Lime SDR Mini in and I loaded the FTDI drivers in WIN10 Pro.
I tried Lime Suite GUI v20.01.0-g1c1c202f and under the options menu >> ConnectionSettings, I could not connect. I tried LimeQuickTest_20200128_1c1c202.exe and all tests passed.
Any suggestions what to do next ? Thanks Stan, W1LE Cape Cod FN41sr

Steve K2GOG

There are a number of plugins for SDR# that offer functionality not found in SDRconsole. Using a LimeSDRmini with SDR# adds more usability. But, I will agree for some people with general needs who need easy setup as a key feature, SDRconsole may be ok for some. I tend to use many programs since they all do something bettet than the other. SDRangel for example does things others can not by a long shot. Ita downfall is tougher setup. Would love to hear your experience with LimeSDRmini and SDR# or happy to help you get it going if still having trouble.


I tried this once before and it didn’t work very well, tried again today hoping for better results.
IMO though it’s not very functional, as much as I’d love to show the utility of the LimeSDR on SDR# it just doesn’t seem to work very well at all.

I’d shoot for SDRConsole for your windows LimeSDR use.