World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) Reviews the Airspy HF+

The World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) is a directory book (or CD) of world radio stations on LW, MW, SW and FM. In addition to the directory they also do reviews of radios/SDRs, and recently they reviewed the Airspy HF+ (pdf). The Airspy HF+ is high dynamic range HF/VHF receiver designed for DXing.

According to the review, WRTH give the Airspy HF+ the award of being the best value HF SDR for 2019. The review takes note of the HF+'s excellent dynamic range and then goes on to validate the manufacturers claimed specifications. Finally they write how they tested it during a contest at 7 MHz, and found no overloading or spurious responses apart from a minor noise floor increase when an extremely strong local CW station was encountered.

World Radio TV Handbook Review of the Airspy HF+
World Radio TV Handbook Review of the Airspy HF+
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I have the same question: what happened to the preselector to the Airspy hf+


That is what I am trying to find out also .


Hi Oldi .
A guy buy the name of Timmy sent me this about the preselector ,


i had an HF+ it is a very nice SDR receiver, my only peeve is that the chassis mounted antenna connector is soldered directly to the circuit board, i would rather the chassis mounted antenna connector be connected to the circuit board via a short piece of coax like you find inside the SDRPlay, that way when the nut that holds the antenna connector to the radio case comes loose when you tighten it that it dont break the soldier on the circuit board,

make that change to the HF+ and i will buy another one, but until that happens i wont buy it again


Here Is my two penny’s worth , I love the HF+ to death . I consider the HF+ a big thing in the world of SDR , A very BIG thing . Now I sit hear and wonder what will the next big thing be in SDR ?????????????????????
I think the people that designed this (and for lack of a better way to describe it I will call it a dongle ) deserve all of the praise that can be given . I would like to know what ever happened to Airspy hf + pre-selector ???? Is it out for sale and if so were can I buy it ?????