A 3D Printed Case for the DIY Outernet Kit

Thanks to Manuel (aka Tysonpower) for writing in and sharing his 3D printed ‘Universal Outernet Case’. Outernet is a satellite file casting service that uses an RTL-SDR based solution for reception. With an Outernet set up you can receive things like daily news, weather updates, books, Wikipedia pages and more all for free. About 20 MB of data can be transmitted in one day.

The DIY Outernet kit consists of an RTL-SDR ‘SDRx’ board, patch antenna and C.H.I.P single board computer. The patch antenna needs to point roughly in the direction of the Inmarsat/Alphsat satellite in your area. This can be a problem because the Outernet patch antenna doesn’t come with a stand or mounting solution.

Manuel solved this problem with his 3D printed Outernet enclosure. The enclosure houses the patch antenna, SDRx and C.H.I.P, and also doubles as a stand for pointing the patch antenna. Inside he’s also fitted a small 30mm fan to keep everything cool while inside the enclosure as the C.H.I.P is known to have overheating problems.

The 3D printed Outernet  enclosure.
The 3D printed Outernet enclosure.

Over on YouTube Manuel has uploaded a video explaining how the enclosure is made with 3D printing, demonstrates the assembly steps and finally shows the final product. The video is narrated in German, but it has English subtitles available. The design files required for 3D printing the case are also available on thingiverse.

[EN subs] Outernet Case aus dem 3D Drucker (Universal elv. Winkel) - für DIY Kit

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