DJI DroneID Detection Running on the AntSDR E200 CPU

DJI is a major manufacturer of consumer drones and their drones implement an RF protocol called DroneID which is designed to transmit the position of the drone and operator to authorized entities such as law enforcements and operators of critical infrastructure. 

Recently the AntSDR team have managed to get DJI DroneID decoding working on the AntSDR's onboard ARM processor. The decoding software runs on board the AntSDR E200 and outputs decoded data via the serial or network port. The AntSDR E200 is an SDR that is based on the AD9361 chip and has a 70 MHz to 6 GHz tuning range, 56 MHz of bandwidth and 12-bit ADC. It has 2x2 full duplex TX/RX channels and has an onboard FPGA with ARM CPU core.

They make use of existing code on GitHub from and, both of which implement reverse engineered decoders for DroneID.

The update from AntSDR shows how to install the firmware onto the device and get it up an running. They note that drones that use Occusync 2 or 3 like the Mini2 or Mini3Pro work best, because other models may be encrypted or have a slightly different protocol which doesn't work with these decoders.

Aaron, creator of DragonOS has also uploaded a video showing the decoder in action.

DragonOS FocalX Decoding DJI DroneID w/ AntSDR E200 (MicroPhase)

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