DragonOS: OP25 “Boatbod” P25 Phase 1 Running on GNU Radio 3.8 with RTL-SDR

DragonOS is a ready to use Ubuntu Linux image that comes preinstalled with multiple SDR program. The creator of DragonOS, Aaron, uploads various YouTube tutorials. In his latest tutorial he shows how to install the latest version of the "Boatbod" OP25 development code for receiving P25 Phase 1 on Linux with the latest GNU Radio 3.8. In the video Aaron uses an RTL-SDR, but notes it could also work with other SDRs like the HackRF.

DragonOS Focal OP25 "Boatbod" P25 Phase 1 w/ RTLSDR (GNU Radio 3.8, Python3, R9+)

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Shouldn’t this read Phase 2?


I believe you are correct. “Boatbod” personally helped me get OP25 up and running on a RPi about a year ago, and the system was P25 Phase 2.


thank you for the hint with DragonOS.
i just added it to my PXE-server project to be able to PXE boot my PC into DragonOS.


the only thing that is not working is setting the keyboard layout by boot option like in ubuntu.
for some reason debian-installer/locale=...
or debian-installer/language=... does only set display language and locale, but does not set the keyboard layout.