DeepRad: Upcoming Modular RTL-SDR System to be CrowdFunded

The company "DeepSea Developments" have recently released news about their upcoming crowdfunding campaign for their 'DeepRad' modular RTL-SDR system. The goal of DeepRad appears to be a modular RTL-SDR that can easily be used as a module on a 'motherboard' PCB of your own design.

DeepRad is currently in the 'Coming Soon' stage on CrowdSupply, and will probably be released for crowdfunding in the next few months.

DeepRad is a modular version of the RTL-SDR, a product beloved by radio enthusiasts. However, DeepRad offers distinct advantages. Its modularity makes integration far simpler, side-stepping the complexities of designing an RTL-SDR from scratch (such as RF considerations and chip stocking issues). DeepRad is a versatile option for integrating many different radio functions into whatever projects you’re working on today.

We want the community to create their own "motherboards" with 1, 3, or as many as 20 DeepRad modules to bring new applications to life. There are three versions of DeepRad we’ll be focusing on for this campaign:

  • DeepRad Module: The bare DeepRad module (no motherboard). The user has to develop a board to use it.
  • DeepRad Single: A single DeepRad module with a motherboard. It has USB Type-C and an antenna connection. It can be used as your regular RTL-SDR with USB.
  • DeepRad Quad: A motherboard with 4 DeepRad modules integrated via a USB hub with a USB Type-A connector.
The DeepRad Quad Motherboard with Four DeepRad Modules
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Ishmael Goldstein

cheap chinese components, except for the can