RTL433 Plugin for SDR# Now Available

Recently Marc has released his RTL433 plugin for SDR# over on GitHub and his Wixsite. RTL433 is a commonly used RTL-SDR command line program that provides decoders for a wide range of 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz, 315 MHz, 345 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM band devices. Examples of such devices include weather stations, alarm sensors, utility monitors, tire pressure monitors and more.

To install the plugin, go to the GitHub page and click on the green Code button, and select Download Zip. In the zip file open the "install" folder and extract the three .dll files into the SDR# folder. Now open the Plugins.xml file in Notepad and add the following line between the <sharpPlugins></sharpPlugins> tags.

<add key="RTL_433" value="SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp.Rtl_433" />

Now you can add the plugin to the SDR# screen using the hamburger menu within SDR# on the top left. When a device is discovered it will open up a window for that device, logging data from it over time.

RTL433 SDRSharp Plugin
RTL433 SDR# Plugin Device Windows


    • Marco402

      I don’t know hackrf and especially I don’t have the hardware interface.

      Can you still tell me:
      1- Does rtl_433 software work with your hackrf hardware?
      It seems possible:https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433/issues/1530
      2- Does your hackrf hardware work with SDRSharp software?
      3- Is your configuration not working hardware + hackrf software?
      4- If your configuration that does not work is hackrf hardware + SDRSharp, what are the symptoms?


  1. Marco402

    After configuring SDRSharp (see chapter configuration, this information is initially recalled in the plugin window).
    Configure source button:
    Sampling mode:quadrature sampling
    Sample Rate:0.25 MSPS (value of rtl433)
    RTL AGC:on.(not the AGC panel)
    Tuner AGC:on.
    So is the frequency.

    The play button of SDR validates the start button of the sdr_433 plugin.
    Start button to activate the plugin.
    Then wait for a recognized message.

    The -MLevel button just adds 4 informations to the device window.

    for more details on rtl_433 see https://triq.org/rtl_433/OPERATION.html#inputs

    I have tested SDRSharp 1788,1811 and original version on github, three are OK for me.

    For information
    I have open a new topic forum https://www.rtl-sdr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6491

  2. tester

    433 “standalone” i have working for some time. SDR# plugin i dont see the screens popup (not with Mlevel). What SDR# i need to use, 1711 or newer 18XX

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