ADSB# Plugin for SDRSharp

Update and Note: This plugin appears to be now dead. If you are simply looking for the ADSB# standalone program (not the plugin), it is located in the SDR# install folder from

A user by the name of darkscout.rm on the SDRSharp Yahoo group has posted version 3 of his ADSB# plugin for SDRSharp. The main purpose of this plugin is that it allows the waterfall to viewed at the same time as decoding, which may help with visually tuning the gain settings, or experimenting with ways to block out out of band interference. He has also added in a 1-bit error recovery by brute force option, which is used in dump1090 and may improve decode performance.

ADSB# is a standalone program to receive ADS-B signals and my ADS-B plugin does the same but from within SDR#.

Download the plugin from the files section of the SDRSharp Yahoo groups. (You will need to join the group with a Yahoo account first). Follow the installation instructions in the readme file carefully. You will need to open the “SDRSharp.exe.config” file in your SDRSharp folder with a text editor and add a new line as explained in the installation instructions. Ensure the sample rate in the SDRSharp configure box is set to 2.0MSps exactly (NOT 2.048MSps). If you don’t see an option for 2.0MSps, replace “SDRSharp.RTLSDR.dll” in your SDRSharp folder with the version provided in the plugin zip file.

ADS# Plugin

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Here’s SDR + adsb plugin complete and functional upload my questions write to [email protected]!gqqg3vMpc/sdrsharp-update-v4-0-rar


thanks, I was searching for this plugin as rtl1090 doesn’t allow changing ppm. Hence number of flights it tracked was just few.


Anyone using the ADSB# program for Aircraft monitoring that finds the program reports it is already running after installing the new Windows 10 fall update, you need to rerun Zadig as the update wipes out the driver, and it needs to be reinstalled.


Shouldn’t the Brazilian phone problems be on the YAHOO site, not the SD radio site? I believe Yahoo has to fix the 9 digit problem. I think the SD radio guys have no control on Yahoo acct creation, but have enough on their plate doing SDR code. The forum is but not Brazillian mobile numbers for registration. These complaints should be directed to the Brazillian Yahoo coders.

Airton Granero

A year later, Yahoo still does not accept Brazilian mobile numbers for registration. This excludes millions of people from downloading it.
Why don’t you put it in a site open to everyone to download?

Airton Granero

I cannot create an account for yahoo Groups, when the telephone is asked some Brazilian mobiles have 9 digits and Yahoo refuses it, so we cannot register.


Try google voice.